Home Away From Home

Some people claim that an office job is their vision of Hell.

I disagree. I am a creature of habit. I enjoy the comforting routine of a desk job. I also enjoy having a desk. It’s a little corner of the office that is mine.

Most office workers personalise their desk, and mine is no exception. It is covered with family photos and various kinds of cats. There’s also a stress ball that looks like a space hopper (for a bit of childhood nostalgia). And a ‘violent veg’ desk calendar. The Outlook Calendar on my PC at work has details of personal appointments as well as work ones. My desk is my little sanctuary in the stresses of the working day. I like having a little place to call my own at work. I like having space in my desk to store my bag and other personal things. I like being so close to a kettle – no need to wait for tea breaks; I can just make a cup of tea when I fancy one.

I couldn’t work as a sales rep and sit in a car all day. I’ve done my share of shop work – not going back to that, thank you. Sitting at a desk all day suits me. My ideal job would be to sit at my desk at home all day and make tea in my own kitchen, but until somebody starts paying me to stay home and write all day, I have to spend my day sat at a desk paid for by someone else.

Maybe that day will come, when I can leave the day job and spend my days at home writing. But the space hopper stress ball’s coming with me.

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