Grey Monday

Mondays are a drag. Today, even the weather is being typically Monday – grey, overcast, dull. A blustery wind has picked up and rain is imminent. So much different from last week, when Spring finally made an appearance. I’m not sure where it’s gone this week, but clearly it snuck off somewhere when no one was looking. I’m still dressing for Spring, however. I will have to address that tomorrow, if Spring insists on staying away for a while; I’m feeling decidedly chilly today.

I have the Monday Blahs. I would rather be at home under my duvet (or maybe on my sofa with Leon and the Nintendo Wii blasting zombies in ‘Resident Evil’) than staring at my in tray trying to decide which of these boring but necessary phone calls to make first.

Sadly, though, I have to earn a living. Time to get back to work.


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  1. Benjamin Solah on

    I’m with you. Nothing worse than Mondays and grey weather. Hopefully the rest of the week picks up as you get closer to the weekend.

    Nice blog; be sure to tell us when you’ve updated in the ‘Did you update your blog today?’ thread at AW so we can visit again.

    Ben (bsolah)

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