No Pain No Gain??

I resolved at the beginning of the year to get fitter and lose weight. So far I have been reasonably successful in developing a regular exercise routine. I go to a weekly exercise class and a weekly yoga class, and for a swim on Sundays. Ideally I would like to be complementing this with at least a gym session a week and regular sessions on the Wii Fit, but three exercise sessions a week isn’t too bad, I guess.

I did decide to bring out the Wii Fit on Saturday, after rather a long break. In fact it had been 49 days since my last session with it – it told me so itself (don’t you just hate bossy gadgets??).

The ‘burn’ tends to set in about two days later – this case the aching muscles were in my upper right thigh. I guess I was a bit overenthusiastic with the lunges. I went to my exercise class last night, so muscles are aching even more now. The pain will really hit, I imagine, tomorrow.

They tell me if it hurts, it’s working. So what I want to know is, what sadist decided pain is a good thing?? I don’t enjoy exercise. As I struggle through my class, feeling my leg muscles tremble and my abs twingeing in fear, some part of me really wishes I was at home on the sofa, watching TV and eating chocolate.

But the pounds are slowly coming off, so perhaps the suffering is worth it. Maybe.


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