Assuming the Position…

I’m 29,000 words into Draft 2 of the WIP, “Blood is Thicker”, and I’ve just submitted the first three chapters to be workshopped at The T Party’s April meeting.

This is the first time the manuscript has been seen by anyone other than me. I never let anyone read my first drafts. My first drafts are always far too short, with plots that are full of holes and characters that are two-dimensional. Only when I get to the end of the first draft am I beginning to get a handle on the characters and the plot, and so the second draft is the time for me to flesh out the characters, add sub-plots and figure out how to fill in the plot holes.

Then I let other people read the second draft, so I can have some fresh viewpoints on where I’m still going wrong.

Past experience has taught me to expect a flaying at this part of the process, but it’s a necessity to get me to a point where I have a manuscript that’s in a decent enough state to present to editors.

The workshop is now over a week away. I have eight days to get worked up over anticipating what people are going to say!

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