Clumsy Kitty

My two cats, Misty and Misha, are fat, lazy things. They are also getting old – they’ll be 13 this year – so are getting ever lazier.

We have had them since they were kittens and because I know their parentage, I attribute some of the laziness to genetics. Their mother was a pedigree chocolate point British Shorthair who got out one night and was “serviced” by some mongrel tom. So my cats are half pedigree, and pedigree cats are genetically programmed to sit around on cushions and look pretty. My two can spend the entire day sleeping in the same position without moving once.

Misha, however, becomes a bit livelier when I am at the computer, and frequently jumps up on the desk. She likes to sit on top of the mouse – I am sure this is so I have to pay attention to her instead of the computer, and it does make it very difficult to write.

The other day, however, she attempted a jump up onto the computer desk – a move she’s made hundreds of times before – but missed. She teetered on the edge for a while, scrabbling for purchase, dug her claws into the nearest solid object (which happened to be my forearm, ye-oww!!!), before falling off and landing on the floor. Then she stalked off with that expression cats always wear when they do something really stupid. The one that says, “I MEANT to do that.”

She hasn’t tried it since. I think she’s still recovering from the humiliation.


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