Weather Fictions

I listen to the weather forecast on the radio every morning to help me decide what to wear to work.

We are firmly into British Spring now, which means I have abandoned the thick sweaters and winter coat, in favour of the brolly and rain coat. I’ve also decided it’s warm enough to shed a couple of layers – but have not yet switched the heating off at home.

The last few days have been overcast, grey and wet but reasonably mild. In other words, typical weather for April in Britain. This morning, however, the weather forecast was: ’20c high. Feeling hot and humid. Thunderstorms likely’.

OK, I thought, thinking of the stuffy tube journey, and the fact that Southern Rail have not yet turned off the heating on their trains. So I dressed accordingly. Linen trousers, short sleeved top and no socks (along with rain coat and brolly of course).

Now I feel underdressed. I was cold on the way to work this morning. Rain is a definite – I’ve managed to avoid it so far today, but the skies definitely threaten rain. It’s in no way humid, and nowhere near 20c.

Granted I leave for work very early, and there is always the chance it will warm up considerably during the day. But with all this 21st century technology at our disposal, why is it that the weather forecasters still can’t forecast the weather accurately?

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  1. Clair Dickson on

    Ah, spring. We’ve had some unseasonable cool (cold!) days the last few weeks, including an April snow several days last week. It’s not supposed to snow in April (at least not in Michigan!)

    As for weather prediction– I think there’s just too many factors for the meteorologists to take into account. We just don’t have the technology and prediction skills. Though, to be fair, how many days are they dead on? We only notice when they’re wrong. 😉

    • sayssara on

      Snow in April? Brrr!!

      Maybe London weather’s not so bad after all…

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