Hay Fever Hell

Much as I love Spring, it can also be an irritation – literally. I seem to be allergic to much of nature, and get hay fever. I spend this time of the year with a perpetually runny nose, not being able to go anywhere without a tissue. And that’s with the antihistamine pills – without them, things are far more unpleasant.

I have been told that a defective immune system is a genetic trait, and many members of my family have various allergies, though every one is a little different. No one seems to be agreed though on why some people’s bodies suddenly decide that a perfectly innocuous every day substance is toxic, and tries to reject it.

One theory I have heard, though, is because in Western first world societies we endeavour to abolish all germs, our environments are now so clean our immune systems have too little to do. I guess every once in a while they get bored of waiting to fight germs that never materialise, go a bit nuts and decide that a perfectly harmless everyday substance is a problem, and work on fighting that off, instead.

I guess this means we can blame it all on antibacterial hand wash!


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  1. Clair Dickson on

    Ah… tis the season. My secret weapon is Sudafed. =) I’m a Sudafed junkie come allergy season (though the immunotherapy [allergy] shots have helped a lot this year. Of course, I’m also allergic to just about any and all airborne substances.)

    I don’t think I can quite buy the too-clean-house theory because I certainly didn’t grow up in a clean house and I have allergies to many, many things.

    At least the weather’s getting nice… =)

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