Packing Light

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are off to Africa this year. Our trip will involve a ten-day safari across the Serengeti, and then a week in Zanzibar.

For the safari, we have to travel light as we are only allowed to take one bag each and its dimensions are restricted. Clothes-wise, this shouldn’t be a problem – we will invest in the kind of hiking trousers that don’t crease and can be worn several times without washing. Underwear and socks can be washed.

No, what I’m having trouble with is the concept of packing light when it comes to books. For a trip of this length, given all the travelling time involved, I would expect to get through at least five thick paperbacks. There just won’t be room for that many. But lying on a beach is not a pleasant experience for me unless I can do it with a good book to read.

I’m really not sure how I’m going to fit all the books I will need for this trip into my bag. I may have to sacrifice some less essential items for the sake of the books. Like clothes.

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