Adventures with Keyboards & Breakfast Cereal

I leave home early to get to work, as the later it gets, the more horrendous the commute becomes.

This does mean that I generally leave before I’ve had time to have breakfast, so I have it at work. I keep cereal and soya milk in the office kitchen, and have breakfast at my desk before I start my working day.

Earlier this week I was clearly still not awake when I had breakfast, as I knocked the bowl over and spilled soya milk and sultana bran all over my computer keyboard. It made a very sticky mess.

I attempted to clean it up and thought for a while I’d got away with it, but then the keyboard started to behave very strangely. An entire row of keys began to kick out completely different characters to what was expected. The 2 became =. 0 became the command to open Office Help.

Needless to say this was intensely irritating, and after a while I decided there was nothing for it but to go down to the IT Department to try to acquisition a new keyboard. The situation is further complicated by the fact that I had an ergonomic keyboard. Most people don’t like them, and they are harder to come by these days, but I am a touch typist with a fast typing speed, I spend most of my day typing, and I do find the ergonomic ones greatly reduce the chance of aching wrists and sore fingers.

The conversation went much as I imagined it would, once I’d explained the keyboard was irrepairably damaged.

IT Guy: “So it was OK first thing this morning?”
Me: “Er, yes.”
IT Guy: “When it did suddenly stop working?”
Me: “Er, right after the point I spilled cereal over it.” (cue me looking at floor and shuffling feet uncomfortably)

Happily, the IT Guy found me a replacement ergonomic keyboard, did not give me a lecture about the hazards of eating at my desk, and all is now well.

But I have made a mental note to myself to not feed sultana bran to my keyboard again.


2 comments so far

  1. Clair Dickson on

    My dad spilled Diet Coke in his keyboard with such regularity that he got a special electronics pen to redraw the lines on the circuit board.

    I’ve only tried to give my printer Diet Pepsi.

    I’ve been lucky with my keyboard, which helps with my other goal– typing a keyboard to death. 14 years and still kicking. =)

  2. stamperdad on

    I’ve tried to “feed” my keyboard several times, but so far just close calls.

    Enjoyed reading this post and several others. Good writing Sara.


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