One of Those Days

There are some days when it just seems the world conspires to make you regret ever getting out of bed, and today has been one of those days.

I should have known it was going to go badly when I got to the train station. Being busy at work at present, I aimed to get in even earlier than usual. Now, as already mentioned in previous posts, I prefer to get into work early anyway. I am usually on the 7:25 train. This morning, I was aiming for the 6:40. I was running late and was dashing to catch the train, only to discover when I got to the station that it was running 20 minutes late. Signalling problems, they said.

In the end, I had left myself enough leeway time that I was still able to be at work at the time I had to be, but if I’d have known about the delay I could have had an extra 20 minutes in bed and I was very cross about that.

Getting up so early meant I was tired all day. When I’m tired I get rather grumpy. And tend to make mistakes. Suffice to say the day did not go well.

Train home was delayed as well – by 15 minutes. Signalling problems again. For all I know, it was the same problem.

I’ve also found out there’s another strike on the Victoria Line on Thursday. Guess I’m walking across Green Park again. Weather not so nice this week as it was when this happened a few weeks ago, and also I’m really busy at work and can’t really spare the extra time it takes to get in when I walk from Victoria Station.

Ah well. Guess there’s no point in getting stressed about things that are beyond my control. And our holiday is coming up soon. That’s something to look forward to, at least.


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  1. spamwarrior on

    I’m so sorry to hear you had a bad day 😦 so easy to get stressed about things beyond our control… but at least you have something to look forward to!

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