Countdown to Winchester

I have received my delegate pack for the Winchester Writers’ Conference. Hurrah! Two weeks today, I’ll be there. Getting excited now!

I’m not doing any of the Friday daytime courses, but I have a one-to-one with an editor from Hodder & Stoughton on Friday afternoon.

I have booked the Friday off work, so I have plenty of time to pack, travel there, find my room and settle in before my one-to-one. This is the first time I have signed up for any of the Friday activities. In the past when I’ve attended the Winchester conference, I’ve gone down late on Friday evening, after work, and just attended the Saturday lectures. The main reason for booking Friday this year is because the editor I most wanted to see was only offering one-to-ones on Friday afternoon. So I thought I might as well book the whole weekend package, and do one of the Friday evening/Sunday morning workshops.

So, I am now booked on to a workshop entitled “How To Make Your Novel Shine on the Slush Pile”. Attendees are encouraged to bring along the opening pages, covering letter and draft synopsis for their novel. I have been thinking about which of the two novels I have that are finished and collecting rejections I should submit to this workshop (the WIP is in no way anywhere near ready for public scrutiny), and I have decided to take along the crime novel. Although it’s technically finished, after 35 rejections I feel maybe the synopsis and opening pages might benefit from expert scrutiny, and perhaps further polish.

I have a lot of paperwork to get together before then, but I’m ready to go and looking foward to the conference. Thirteen sleeps to go!


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