What To Wear To a Conference

l leave for Winchester tomorrow and am currently fretting about what to pack.

I will be meeting editor types and want them to think I am a Serious Writer with Professional Attitude – as opposed to Mad Woman with Bad Dress Sense, which is possibly the impression I unintentionally make most of the time.

The conference takes place on the campus of Winchester University and most of the talks are in classrooms, so comfort will be important – sitting down a lot in uncomfortable clothes tends to make me fidget too much. The writers’ awards dinner on Saturday evening tends to be a slightly more formal affair, so a nice dress will be in order. Which of course also means extra shoes.

The accommodation is student dorm rooms – the kind where you have a single bed and a desk, and you have to trek down the corridor, to the shower and toilets. Which means no matter how hot it gets I need to take pyjamas. Last year, somehow I forgot to pack pyjamas (don’t ask!).

The weather forecast is also predicting that the heatwave will break at the weekend and we can expect torrential downpours. So if it pisses down with rain all weekend I will be stepping through muddy puddles as I make my way across campus, and that’s another factor to consider. Should I take an extra pair of shoes, in case the ones I want to wear get soggy?

I also need to remember to take a full print out of my novel, just in case one of the editors I’m meeting expresses interest in reading the whole thing.

Hmm. Now I’m thinking I might need a bigger suitcase.

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