Quiet Time

The last Monday in August is a bank holiday in the UK. It’s also – very depressingly – the last bank holiday we get until Christmas (yes we are deprived of bank holidays here in England; let’s not go there).

Consequently, it’s the time a lot of people traditionally go away. The schools are still closed for the summer, and millions of Brits hold onto the last vestiges of Summer and escape either to Europe or other parts of Britain for some rest and relaxation.

Hubby and I tend not to go anywhere this time of year, however. We don’t have kids and neither of us are teachers so there’s no need to pay the inflated air prices of the peak season. Besides, when we do travel we go quite far afield, to places where the sun will still be shining in December.

At this time of year, I enjoy the quiet time. My train carriage is half empty; I can enjoy the luxury of an empty seat next to me to put my bag on, instead of having to stuff it under my seat to make room for a fellow passenger. There’s no queue in Starbucks when I get my morning coffee. There’s often even a seat on the Victoria Line train – shock, horror.

Next week things will be different. We launch into September and Summer will officially be over, school starts again, the train will be crowded and everything will be back to normal.

Today, though, on my daily commute I will enjoy while I can the luxury of a half-empty train carriage.

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  1. ralfast on

    I read the post and this song pops into my mind:

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