Card-Carrying SOA Member

Another exciting thing about having a publishing contract is that it makes me eligible to join the Society of Authors. So I decided to go to their AGM this year, as it’s the first time I’ve been legitimately able to do so. I am proudly able to declare I am a member of the SOA, and am carrying my membership card about in my wallet to prove it!

The AGM was followed by a debate about whether or not books are ‘dead’ in the wake of the e-book, which of course is a topic particularly relevant to me.

It seems there is some snootiness in the publishing world about e-books. I was rather suspecting this was the case. Having a publishing contract enables me to be an Associate Member of the SOA, but I cannot move to Full Member as long as my only published book is an e-book. Electronic publishers and POD publishers, it seems, are not considered ‘proper’ publishers.

Anyway, the debate was all very interesting, and it seems that the general consensus is that electronic publishers and traditional print publishers must learn to co-exist harmoniously if the world of publishing is to have a bright future. Nobody can see a world where the print book ceases to exist, but equally no one can deny the rapid rise in popularity of e-books.

There was some schmoozing afterwards, over the drinks and canapes, and I was talking to a few people who I’ve met previously at the St Hilda’s conference. It was all very interesting, and being a member of the SOA I feel is an important step up in my writing career. Hopefully when I meet everyone again at next year’s AGM, my e-book will be much further along the road to publication. Being able to say “my book’s been picked up by a publisher” is great, but being able to say, “my book comes out on this date” will be even better!


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