Approaching Forty

I now have less than three weeks left as a 30-something. On the whole, I feel comfortable with turning 40. When I look back on pictures of me from 20 years ago, I think actually I probably look better now than I did then. Part of that is down to confidence, which affects the way you carry yourself and the way you come across to others. I feel very comfortable with myself now, and as a teenager I had no confidence whatsoever

The other reason I might look better now than then has to do with my dreadful fashion sense in the 80s. If my stylist thinks I don’t have much of a sense of style now, she would have had heart failure if she’d have known me then because there has actually been a great deal of improvement!

I find myself in a philosophical mood as I approach the 40th anniversary of my birth, and have been reflecting on the life lessons I have learned in my years on this planet.

1. The most important lesson is that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. I have my dad to thank for teaching me this one.

2. Closely related to 1, never be afraid to be yourself.

3. Own up to any mistakes you make and take the consequences for them. Then learn from them.

4. You can’t change the world single-handedly. However, if you can do one small thing to change someone else’s life for the better, in some tiny way, then it’s probably worth doing.

5. Life is too short to waste on reality TV.

6. Reading is never a waste of time.

7. Everyone’s body is beautiful, and no one’s is perfect. Learn to love yourself, including your imperfections.

8. Try not to worry about things you have no control over (I still struggle with this one).

9. Let go of the past. It does no one any good to hold grudges.

I’m sure there are more. These are the things that have been in my mind of late. I find myself more reflective as I get older.

And although I wouldn’t go back to being 20, and am embracing being 40, there are still times when I am reminded that I am getting old. Like the fact it takes me longer to recover from a few glasses of wine these days, for instance. But if age is the price we have to pay for wisdom, then I can accept that. I guess that’s another life lesson right there.

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  1. Kate on

    Hi Sara, popping in from T-party – happy birthday!!

  2. Yarnspnr on

    Yes, Happy Happy for surely sure!! But back to your blog topic. My favorite is #9. “Let go of the past.” You know, Native Americans have a story they tell about this. They say, “When the white man gets hurt (say stepping on a nail), he makes a horrid face, sits down, grabs his foot and for weeks, maybe months he limps around as if he had stepped on that nail again every day as it healed. A dog, stepping on the same nail, yelps once, limps for a step or two, then runs off as if nothing ever happened.” People carry their hurts (both mental and physical) around as if they are a heavy refrigerator strapped to their backs. They tell everyone who will listen about what happened to them. They will not let go even at the risk of others turning away from them. “It’s a shame,” says the red man. “They talk about being with God in heaven yet they can’t even suffer through a cut finger.” Hang in there, girl. If you think things are clearer at 40, wait till you hit 60! Personally, I am so looking forward to 80! 🙂

  3. Yan on

    I love #5, life is too short for reality tv. So true and words I live by. As for #7, you have no problems on that one because I think you are perfect!

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