‘P’ Minus Six Days…

The celebrations for my aforementioned imminent 40th birthday include a party, which I have actually been planning for a long time. For ten years, in fact. I had a party for my 30th birthday, and it was so much fun I decided I couldn’t wait for my 40th, so I would have an excuse for another one.

It’s also very fortuitous that my 40th birthday happens to fall on a Saturday, so I can have the party on the actual day.

I decided to give my 40th birthday party a theme – “Back to the 80s”. This was the decade during which I was a teenager, and I think the music you listen to as an adolescent you identify with more than the music that’s around at other points in your life.

With my being a bit anally retentive about these things, the arrangements have all been in place for some time. The venue has been booked since March. The pub whose function room I am hiring for the party will lay on a buffet, and that’s all arranged and paid for in advance. The DJ is booked, and he will be getting my 1980s play list later today. Invites were sent out in September, and I’m expecting about 40 people to attend. I am intrigued to see what everyone will turn up wearing, as 80s fancy dress is being encouraged. Though I don’t think costumes will be hard to get hold of – it seems that 80s fashions are popular again at the moment, and the shops are full of ra-ra skirts and leggings (I feel old. Don’t they say if you can remember a fashion the last time around, you’re too old to wear it this time around?).

I myself have decided on an ’80s rock chick’ look, and I have now managed to acquire all costume pieces for it (including 80s wig, as I decided going back to an 80s hair style for real was a bit drastic).

All that’s required now are balloons and other such adornments to decorate the venue with, and I am rather counting on getting some help with that on Saturday afternoon, as it’ll be a bit strange hanging “happy 40th birthday” banners for my own birthday party.

Apart from that, now it’s just a matter of waiting for the big day. Sadly, I feel I’ve been waiting so long for this event, it’ll all be over before I know it. I guess I should make the most of the anticipation.

Six more sleeps!

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  1. Yarnspnr on

    Hey Sara! Sounds like quite a bash! It’s nice to hear someone looking forward to their 40th birthday. Here in the colonies, people fear turning 40. Such rubbish! I’m 61 and having a blast being in my 60s. Never thought I’d make it! So have a great day cause on Sunday, you’ll have to start planning your 50th birthday party. Oh, one other thing. My invitation must have got lost in the mail or something. You know what those trans-Atlantic carriers are like! Anyway, my wife is sad but she’ll get over it. Mayhaps for your 50th if we’re still breathing the air over here! Happy Happy!

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