Generation Gap

I was at my beautician’s earlier today, taking care of some depilation before the party. I was telling her all about my birthday party, and that it’s an 80s theme. When she asked me what I was going to wear, I told her I was going as Joan Jett.

“Who’s that, then?” she asked cheerfully.

I just thought, My God I’m old. It’s one thing to be unable to connect with teenagers – most people over the age of 21 can’t do that. It’s something else to discover there’s a generation of ‘grown ups’ that are so much younger than you are, they are moving in a different world.

My beautician is in her 20s. I suppose she must have been born at the end of the 1980s. She will have no memory of the world I was young in.

I’m starting to realise that this is going to happen to me more and more often, and that’s a sobering thought. It’s not that I’m getting older, to my mind. Just that everyone else is getting younger…

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  1. Michelle on

    As you know I’m 35 and I have to say the name ‘Joan Jett’ doesn’t mean anything to me either! – sorry! I’m going to investigate a picture of her on Google right now and then I might know who you mean. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be much difference in people’s ages for there to be a huge difference in what they are (or were) interested in. Don’t forget that even at the end of the 80’s I was 15 and you were 20. Only 5 years but a big gap socially and in popular culture interests.

  2. Michelle on

    Ok, I’ve looked now! Hmmm, still wouldn’t have known who she was if I’d fell over her but I do know the ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ song. Didn’t know she sang it though. To be honest I’d have guessed it was a male group if I’d been asked!

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