Birthday Surprises

One of the wonderful things about where I currently work is that birthdays are a big deal. Everyone in the department buys everyone else a present on their birthday. The down side of this is I have to buy 14 birthday presents throughout the year for colleagues, in addition to gifts for family and friends. The big up side is that on my birthday, like everyone else on theirs, I arrive at work to a lovely pile of presents on my desk.

It’s also tradition to get people a cake when they leave, or they hit a ‘big’ birthday. One of my colleagues is married to a baker – the cakes come from his bakery.

So, I had an inkling there would be a cake – and when suddenly all my colleagues appeared round my desk about 4pm today, I had a suspicion of what was coming.
The cake is in the shape of a book. Its title is “Death Scene: The Karaoke Murders”. “Death Scene” is the name of my crime novel, and karaoke is one of my guilty pleasures. The cover of the ‘book cake’ is a chalk outline body with a karaoke microphone as a noose round its neck. It’s brilliant. And I am touched.

My colleagues were all quite keen I should take the cake home and present it at the party. Of course, getting it home on the daily commute was quite a challenge. The underground was out – the Victoria Line is far too crowded to get a cake box home in one piece. So I found a bus to Victoria Station. Takes longer, but I and my cake had a seat each.

The train home wasn’t too much of a problem either. The cake box was safely stowed in the overhead luggage rack. The walk from the station home, though – that was another matter. Now, it’s not a long walk. About seven minutes. Felt a long way clutching a cake box in both arms, though, with the box seemingly getting heavier by the minute.

However, I have managed to get the cake home in one piece, and it can stay in the kitchen until the party on Saturday.

I had another suprise when I got in today. Our cleaner comes on Thursdays. She’s a nice lady, not too much older than me, and she’s been invited to the party. I arrived home today to find that she’d left some flowers for me, nicely arranged in our best vase, on our coffee table. Propped up next to the flowers was a box of chocolates and a birthday card.

So I’ve got cards to open on Saturday, and chocolates and cake. What else could a girl want?

I’m feeling loved.

4 comments so far

  1. Joy Odunsi on

    Fab blog as usual Sara!
    Happy birthday in advance. Enjoy your party
    Joy xx

  2. Mum on

    What a lovely account of your day.
    Your work colleagues sound such lovely people, and do they know you or what.
    Enjoy the choccies, a guilty pleasure you can eat all to yourself with Chris away…….I am sure your actual birth day and party will be memorable, enjoyable and best of all, shared with those you love and who obviously love you.
    ‘Course those that love you the best here in Canada cannot be there in body, but will be there with you in spirit.
    Lots of Love

  3. Denni on

    What a wonderful surprise!

  4. ralfast on

    Happy belated birthday! Sorry for the delay. Glad you had a great time.

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