Swimming in the Rain

The last couple of weeks have been unseasonably warm in London. But as we launch into November, Autumn has returned with a vengeance, with heavy rain all day and a brisk wind (the kind that makes it pointless to go out with a brolly, because the wind will turn it inside out).

However, I didn’t want to wimp out of my customary walk through the park to get to the sports centre for my Sunday morning swim just because of the weather. After all, I was going to get wet anyway, and I usually shower as soon as I return from my swim, so what difference will a little rain make? I did, however, dig out my big wax-coated rain coat before setting off.

Last time I walked through the park on a Sunday, it was full of families enjoying the lovely Autumn weather. Today it was completely deserted. In fact the only other people I encountered were joggers.

Of course, the walk was pretty miserable. The weather really is foul, and I can understand why people would rather stay at home. I began to think that those who maintain that people who exercise are mad may have a point. After all, we were the only ones out in the rain.


4 comments so far

  1. ralfast on

    A brolly? You mean like an umbrella? Just curious….

    • sayssara on

      Yes, Ralfast, ‘brolly’ is British for umbrella….

  2. ralfast on

    Good to know. I like to pick up the slang. Thanks. 😉

  3. Yarnspnr on

    Yes, weather-wise, London is a peculiar place to reside. I remember the traffic problems in central London when it snowed over a half inch. Rain or snow it seemed the city drivers didn’t know to leave more space between the car in front of them. Then there were the buckling railway tracks when the temp went over 32 decrees Celsius. And the need for carrying a brolly each day to work, just in case. For some reason it seemed to rain harder during the rush hours. The rest of the day was just a strong misting. Nice days were a treat and looked forward to!

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