Substance over Style

We’re not in winter yet, but we’re close. I think I must be part bear and part lizard – I want to hibernate when the cold weather sets in, and I feel the cold – I’m the one shivering in two sweaters when everyone’s peeling off layers.

But it’s got decidedly chilly in London over the last couple of weeks, and I’ve been digging out my winter coats. I have three coats that I wear in winter. I’ve got a rather stylish wool coat that we bought in Paris a couple of years ago. It’s warm but not waterproof. I also have a long rain coat – also reasonably stylish. Good for keeping the rain off, but not very warm – it’s more an Autumn coat.

And then I have my trusty old parka, with its unflattering furry hood. Even I can tell it’s really not stylish at all. It’s warm and it’s waterproof, and the hood makes me feel like a Shire horse – it has the same effect as a horse’s blinkers and I have no peripheral vision when it’s up – but it keeps the rain off my head.

There are some days when I think it’s more important to be warm and dry than stylish. I keep this old parka for these days.

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