I Just Have to Email My Editor…

My editor (excuse me for a moment while I bask in the awesomeness of that phrase. Huzzah!! Yippee!!! Woohoo!!! OK, I’m done) emailed me earlier this week for a progress report.

Things are actually going quite well with the rewrite. I’m on the third pass of edits, during which I am putting the document back into one file. When I worked on the first two edits, I did it chapter by chapter. I’m still picking up typos and amending words here and there, but I’ve changed the integral structure of the novel.

I am confident I can get it to her before Christmas. She has expressed a desire to have it mid-December, when she has a quiet patch. This will only be possible if I take the Net Book on holiday to Gambia with me, but as our week in Gambia is largely going to consist of lying by the pool escaping the dreariness of the British winter, there’s no real reason why I can’t work on the edits then. After all, that’s why I got the Net Book, which is a small computer about the size of an A5 note book. The theory was for me to be able to carry it around with me and write wherever I go. In practice, though, it’s easier to edit on it than to do new writing. The keyboard’s rather small, and for a touch typist like me, it’s too easy to hit the wrong key.

I still worry I haven’t changed everything to the publisher’s liking, but we have several more rounds of edits to go, both with the copy editor and the line editor. I feel fairly confident that anything I miss will be picked up by them.

So, I’m aiming towards getting the pre-edited manuscript back to my editor in the next three or four weeks or so. That is when, I suspect, the real work will begin.


2 comments so far

  1. Denni on

    Good going! 🙂

  2. sputnitsa on

    Good luck!!!! And congratulations again 🙂 🙂

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