Back To The Usual Routine

My ten days of lie-ins are over. Tomorrow I go back to work, signalling the end of my seasonal holiday and a return to the usual routine.

I have spent much of the past week working on the copy edits, and I have to say I could very much get used to a life of staying at home writing all day. I also appear to be quite productive – I have completed both rounds of copy edits over the Christmas break.

Sadly, I am not yet in a position to give up the day job so I can stay at home and write all day. Perhaps the e-book will sell thousands of copies. Perhaps I will earn so much in royalties I will be able to stay at home working on the next best seller. Perhaps Stephen Spielberg will want to talk to me about film rights.

Oh, sorry. I think I nodded off. I guess I better go get my stuff packed for work tomorrow…


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  1. Nerine Dorman on

    Ah, yes… and the first question people ask you when they discover you’re a published author: “So, did you make a lot of money?”

    I’ve friends who’ve been at this much longer than I have and they still have day-jobs… plus they have contracts with a big trade paperback publisher…

    We do this for the love, not the money.

    Although the money would be nice, wouldn’t it?


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