And So It Becomes A Reality

The completed zipped file of SUFFER THE CHILDREN dropped into my inbox today. This is effectively what people will get when they buy it – six different formats, depending on what hardware you want to read it on (and wouldn’t life be easier if the e-book producers all agreed to use the same format?), complete with front cover, back cover blurb, copyright page, dedication, acknowledgements, author bio, the whole shebang.

It’s my first published novel in its completed form, and I’ve just spend ten minutes jumping around the room whooping. I can honestly say this is the most exciting moment of my life.

I think the computer was overcome by excitement, too, as it crashed when I tried to open the file. Although in practice this is more likely because, in my eagerness, I tried to unzip and open all six formats at once and overloaded the computer’s virtual memory.

This is it, folks. It’s real. It may not be available to buy yet, but we’ve still got just over ten weeks of build-up. Hopefully, there’ll be lots of people ready to hit that ‘buy’ button on Lyrical Press’s website when 19 April rolls around.

Excuse me while I go dance around the room some more…


2 comments so far

  1. ralfast on

    Congratulations and good luck!


  2. Mum on

    Many congratulations, Love, it can only get better after this.

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