One Month To Go

We are now a month away from the release of SUFFER THE CHILDREN. I have been rather busy trying to organise publicity. I have several guest blog posts lined up – there’ll be more news on those in due course. I’ve had some portrait photos taken. Those of you who have visited the ‘About Me’ page recently might have noticed the nice new photo.

The first publicity event for SUFFER THE CHILDREN will be the reading at World Horror Con next week. After that, I’m going to be interviewed for the blog radio show Page Readers, on 30 March. The interview happens live at 10am Arizona time, which is 6pm London time. If you can’t log on at the time, the interview will be available on the site after then, and I will post a link to it.

I have also decided to have a “real space” launch party, in London, on Wednesday 28 April at 6pm. It will be in the upstairs function room of The George Tavern, The Strand. If you are in London and free on that day, you are welcome to attend – just try and let me know so I have an idea of expected numbers.

So it’s all go on the publicity front. The down side is I am so busy with all this stuff, I currently have no time for writing. But maybe that’s just the way things have to be for now. After all, if the first book doesn’t sell, whether or not I write any others is academic.


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