Getting Ready for Horror Con

I think I am more or less set for World Horror Con this weekend. I have my train tickets for Brighton, and Friday booked off work. I have my SUFFER THE CHILDREN promotional post cards to hand out to anyone who might be vaguely interested.

I have chosen my excerpt to read at the Reading Cafe. I’ve decided to start with Chapter 1. Reading for 15-20 minutes actually involved reading a fair number of pages, and as it happens Chapter 1 is just the right length. It also finishes on an intriguing note, which I hope will leave my audience wanting more.

I really think I need to practise reading some more, though. At the moment I’m gabbling in a boring monotone that will send my audience to sleep. Theoretically, reading out loud shouldn’t be a problem for me. I’ve done amateur dramatics – I never had any problem being on stage.

Of course, if I’m honest with myself, I think as an actress my talents are somewhat lacking. There was probably a reason I was only ever given very small parts, and only then if I was friends with the director. I was actually a far better director than actress – I’m organised to the point of being anal, and just a bit bossy.

I’ve also always been crap at doing voices, and accents. Which is why I’m struggling a bit with finding the right tone for this reading.

So, I need to practise the reading some more. Oh, and I haven’t yet made up my mind what clothes to pack. Maybe I’m not quite ready to go to World Horror Con after all. But I’ve still got a couple of days to get myself organised, so I’m not panicking. Not yet, anyway.


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  1. Michelle on

    Pack something to wear that you’ll be comfy in when reading. People aren’t going for a fashion show or they’d be at Clothes Show Live! You don’t want to be fidgeting or adjusting necklines or whatever. Also something that won’t be distracting. Not dangly earrings or bangles, they’ll swing about and clatter as you read and people’ll just be looking at them. How about about smart jeans, plain top in muted colour/black and a chunky necklace to dress it up a bit, work jacket/blazer over top to look like you are serious about what you are doing. Will look great with jeans. Dark nail varnish if you have chance – very trendy and will appeal to the gothic element! There you’re done! Good luck. x

  2. dad on

    I’m sure you will do fine Sara, Just be yourself and try to relax

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