EasterCon: Odyssey 2010

Having been pretty much Con’ed out after Horror Con the weekend before, I signed up for Easter Con – which ran for four days over the holiday weekend – thinking that I probably wasn’t going to immerse myself in the full experience. However, I saw a lot of familiar faces there. It seems there were a lot of people that made the most of there being two Cons within a week of each other, and did both.

As the Con was at a hotel near Heathrow – about an hour’s drive for me – I thought I would commute. In the end I only went on the Saturday, mostly to participate in the T Party’s writing workshop. This was the third year the T Party had offered a writing workshop. We had 17 stories this year, so the workshop is clearly proving popular. Stories have to be submitted in advance and they are divided into groups with normally four or five stories and three or four critiquers, depending on how many T Party members are participating. In our group we had four stories and three T Party critiquers. All were good writing, I have to say, and the participants seemed to find our comments helpful.

As well as the workshop I did manage to get to a couple of panels on the Saturday, but I specifically picked the ones that seemed relevant to me. So I went to the one on e-books, in which it was reassuring to be told that this is the way of the future (though it seemed most of those present were already converted, so I don’t know how objective the opinions were), and the panel on the ocult in urban fantasy.

To get a fuller report on EasterCon, I encourage you to read Pia’s blog, which is much more in-depth than what I have to say.

I confess that when I ran into Pia – an associate T Party member – in the dealer room, I was supposed to be schmoozing with publishers, but I got distracted by shiny things there instead. I bought myself some bling at the pagan jewellery stall. It’s a Celtic cross pendant that represents inspiration and intuition. Sometimes I can use a little help in both.

The other thing I seem to have come back from EasterCon with, sadly, is some kind of blocked-up-nose cold virus. At least, I think it’s a cold virus. EasterCon was host to an array of exotic creatures. I could have Alien Spores, for all I know.

2 comments so far

  1. Nukapai on

    I hope I didn’t steal too much of your schmoozing-time! 🙂

    By the way, when you click on the ‘more info’ link on the Suffer The Children page, you get an error message. Not sure if you know, so I thought I’d let you know!

    It was lovely to see you again, Sara.

    • sayssara on

      The publisher re-jigged their website and for a while the link was dead. It seems to have been fixed now, however.

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