First Royalty Statement

This is another one of those ‘let’s bask in the moment’ moments.

I have received my first royalty statement from Lyrical Press, which in my mind is another ‘dance around the room’ kind of occasion.

Since SUFFER THE CHILDREN was released, two and a half weeks ago, I have sold 24 copies. OK, this is hardly in the league of J K Rowling. And the prospect of giving up the day job and living off my earnings is so far away it’s not even a blip on the horizon. But none of this really matters. What matters is, a book I have written has been published, and people have been parting with their hard-earned cash to buy it. More people than just my mum and dad. I am a bona fide, income-earning writer.

It’s just one more small step on the ladder of my writing career, and one more reason to call myself a ‘proper’ writer.

And another reason to open up a nice bottle of wine, I feel. Not that I need much of a reason to do that…



2 comments so far

  1. Kathy Thomsen on

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see you at the end of the month. Maybe I’d better really spruce up the place now that an honest to goodness ‘proper’ writer is coming to dinner!

  2. Rosie Quigley on

    Now you are really a writer, because now you are selling books as well as writing them.
    Congrats……….and yay.

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