Have NetBook, Will Travel

As I might have mentioned before, I invested in a NetBook a little while ago. I was encouraged to do this by hubby, after I complained about not having time to write. The idea was to carry this little device around with me so I could snatch writing time wherever I went.

A good idea in theory, but in practise in meant reprogramming my brain with the concept that I could actually write anywhere and did not have to be in my ‘writing corner’ to work (more on this will follow in later ‘Writing Processes’ posts).

However, I have begun to get into the habit of carrying my NetBook around with me. I use it for my early morning writing sessions at Starbucks. I have even begun to read e-books on it. Which works reasonably well as long as I am indoors (the screen is not anti-glare and it becomes impossible to see it when one is outside – so no good for reading on the beach. Hence I still need an e-reader, but that will have to come later).

So, I decided it was probably a good idea to invest in some protection for my little NetBook, and I have bought a soft carry case to put it in. I found one on Amazon. For Net Books 7 to 9 inches wide, the specs said. Should fit mine.

And it does. Like a glove. In fact, my carry case rocks. Almost as much as the NetBook does. It has pockets and compartments everywhere, so I can carry other stuff around, not just the computer. I can fit pretty much all of my everyday junk in it (mobile phone, appointment book, wallet, comb, pen, notebook, etc.). It’s light and easy to carry, and it has a handy shoulder strap as well as a handle.

So, with such a handy portable PC, I have no more excuses for not having time to write. Or not having any books to read. Now I have something to read them on, I can start buying e-books, and I am beginning with those of my fellow Lyrical Press authors.

Sonya and Natasha, I shall be dropping your books into my e-basket soon!


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