I’ve had the same names on my ‘most fanciable men’ list for about 20 years or so – with the exception of a couple of recent additions (like Formula One driver Jensen Button). I am loyal to my objects of desire. Just to qualify, we are talking about flesh-and-blood, if completely unobtainable, men now – so Leon from RE4 does not appear on this list!

Jon Bon Jovi has been on the periphery of that list for rather a long time. Since the “Young Guns 2” album was released, actually. There’s a picture on the inside cover that I rather liked when I saw it – JBJ standing on a rock with his guitar, with poodle hair and red leather pants. I have a thing about men with guitars. Probably explains why I married one…

Anyway, twenty years ago, I thought JBJ was cute. Now I’ve seen him in the flesh – we went to a gig at the O2 earlier this week – I have revised that opinion to ‘Hot’ and he’s gone straight to the top of the list.

We got tickets to the gig at the last minute – they were offered by Hubby’s works social club, and initially we were too slow on the uptake and all the tickets were gone. Fortunately for us, someone who had tickets couldn’t make it and we were first in the ‘reserve’ list, so we got them and off we went, to the O2 Arena, on Monday night.

Let me say, in my defence, I do like Bon Jovi’s music and it was a very good gig. The band energetically encouraged the crowd into lots of singing and arm-waving. But I have to admit I spent most of the evening drooling over JBJ. He may be in his 40s, but so am I. He still looks good in a pair of jeans, and he looks so much better without the poodle hair. Was my husband bothered by my embarrassing display of lust? It seems he was too busy drooling over Richie Sambora’s guitar to notice my drooling over Jon Bon Jovi. My husband can tell the make and model of a guitar from a thousand yards away, and apparently this one was pretty special.

Since we came back from the gig, I have been looking for JBJ images online. I found a very sexy one – JBJ looking exceptionally buff, wearing nothing but what appears to be a strategicially-placed duvet cover. But I thought that was a tad inappropriate for my PC at work. So I now have now got this picture on my desktop. Every morning when I turn on my computer, I see this image. A very good way of starting the day, I feel.


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  1. April (Alpha Echo) on

    Mmmm…I love JBJ! I am so jealous you saw him in person, but it makes me happy to know he is STILL SO FREAKING HOT even after all these years…

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