More Good Reviews

Positive reviews for SUFFER THE CHILDREN continue to roll in. I find this very encouraging. I decided that I will report all reviews, be they good or bad, but so far everyone who’s reviewed it seems to like it.

Here is what Sonya Clark, fellow Lyrical Press writer, has to say:

One thing that especially struck me about this was the age of the victims, mostly 18 to 21. Old enough to be legal adults, which coupled with their fringe status helped ensure no one would look for them, but still young enough to not really be adults in the true sense. It’s an incredibly vulnerable time in a person’s life. The feeling that you could slip off the edge of the world and no one would even notice is terrifying, and recalling that feeling really upped the tension for me while reading this. Though at times a difficult read – Leanne has had a very rough upbringing – I liked the book very much and would recommend it to anyone who likes old-school horror.

To see the complete review, click here.

I’ve also had a review from vampire writer Tony-Paul de Vissage, who says:

At first, I thought Suffer the Children was going to be a very mature Young Adult story, but after the first chapter, my opinion was very quickly changed. Without giving the story again, let me say it’s an intriguing tale, and basing it on a certain supernatural legend (that has been rarely used and deservedly should be given more literary attention) gives it that little something extra. From my very distant and more mature outlook, I found the younger characters very believable. Though the setting for the story is the UK, I didn’t find their behavior so different from a US student in the same situation. Suffer the Children is a very enjoyable and suspenseful read.

Full review here. You need to click on the “Book Reviews” link to get to the right page.

I don’t know if good reviews sell e-books, but it can’t hurt. And on that note, if anyone else out there enjoys reading SUFFER THE CHILDREN and wants to say a few words about it, I would be happy to hear from you.


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