On World Building

The fabulous Mike Carey came to speak to the T Party again last weekend – for the second time in a year. This most recent time he was so generous with his time, he gave us a workshop in character development and world building.

The world building is a particularly relevant point from my perspective. Up to now, I’ve not dealt with a great deal of world-building. My crime stories are all set in the real world and even the horror is real-world – just with something weird and creepy going on in the background.

As I embark on the urban fantasy, though, I’m dealing with a new world. Like Mr Carey’s books, my book is set in an alternative London, in which ghosts exist. And monsters. And, in fact, Nordic deities, which is slightly more unusual in the urban fantasy genre (at least I hope it is).

And there’s the rub. I haven’t yet given much though to the ‘rules’ of this alternative world. I am realising that I’m going to have to think this through before I get much further. I have to believe in this world before I can expect anyone else to.

Which means I firstly have to embark on research, which has always been my least favourite bit of the writing process (I’m rather lazy that way). I’m expecting an Amazon shipment shortly containing some books on Norse gods. Hopefully this will be a good starting point.


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  1. lachatnoir on

    Its exciting though as you can create any rules you like in your fictional world

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