Writerly Insecurities

Before I got the publishing contract, I had moments – many moments, if the truth be told – where I would completely lose faith in my writing and believe it wasn’t good enough to ever be published.

Now I am in a position where I have one book out, and a contract for another signed and sealed. Yet still these moments of insecurity sometimes surface. I still get seized with doubt and start to believe I’m never going to write anything else good enough to be published.

It seems I’m not alone in this thinking. Most of the successful, several-times-published writers I’ve met go through phases of insecurity. These moments of self-doubt seem to be part of being a writer.

Yet at the present time, here I am with two half-finished WIPs. And I think they’re both rubbish. The urban fantasy has got so many plot holes and tangles I am at a loss how to fix it. The second book in the Shara series, which I abandoned 18 months ago halfway through the first draft because I thought it was rubbish, I recently revisited. And I still think it’s rubbish.

Only two things provide some reassurance. One, I am not alone in having this crisis of confidence as all writers seem to have them. Two, I know that eventually this feeling will pass.

However, at this point in time neither of those thoughts is terribly helpful in getting me out of the funk I seem to find myself in.

Sigh. Who’d want to be a writer?


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