I’m an Amazon Author!

The Kindle version of SUFFER THE CHILDREN is available from both Amazon UK and Amazon US. Which site you can buy it from depends on where you live. Lyrical Press might not believe in digital rights restrictions, but it seems Amazon do.

However, the exciting part is, because my book is listed there, I have been able to create an author page for myself on both the Amazon US site and the Amazon UK site.

Both author pages look remarkably similar. However, they are a bit sad and lonely at present. At least the US page has a couple of reviews for STC listed (a big thank you to Book Wenches and to Sonya), but there are no reviews at all on the UK page.

So, this is a blatant plea. If you’ve read the book, and feel able to post comments, please put a few words about it on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be a glowing review. Really, it doesn’t. I always get very suspicious of books on Amazon that have nothing but 5 star reviews; it makes me think the author and his/her mother have gone on their multiple times, posting positive reviews under different names.

Pretty please. Help me reach the next rung on that long ladder between ‘published obscurity’ and ‘the next big thing’.

With thanks (from Sara the publicity tart…)

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