Feline Distractions

My two elderly cats are half-pedigree (Mother was a chocolate point British shorthair who got out for a bit of action with the mongrel toms one night), and age and breeding makes them inclined to remarkable laziness – even for cats. The only time they get any exercise is when they move from one favourite sleeping spot to another.

Misty – the British Blue – has a fixation with boxes. Misha, the black cat, isn’t quite so bothered.

The other day, however, they both decided that Hubby’s guitar case was a fine place to sleep, and they spent several hours there. We thought it was very cute, and we took a picture.

My cats eat too much, throw up all over the place, scratch the leather sofa and sit on the top of the stairs, in the dark, making one inclined to go flying. But then they do things like this and I remember why I have them. Aww.


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  1. LaChatNoir on

    Thats adorable!

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