Death By Defenestration

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A quick update on the WIP…

Actually, I have two works in progress. The first one is the urban fantasy, which to be honest is going nowhere until I figure out how I can make the plot make sense.

The second one is Book 2 of the amateur sleuth series. This is moving along nicely, but I am in the early stages of Draft 1, so there’s a long way to go yet.

I’m currently about 10,000 words in and I’ve been setting the scene and introducing characters. In fact, I’ve only just killed the victim. I threw him out of a window. Mwah ha ha.

Rather disturbingly, I enjoy killing people off in novels. I am a recent arrival to the crime writing scene, but I do rather enjoy it. Death features prominently in all of my writing, but the main difference between the crime novels and everything else I write is that there are no supernatural elements in the crime novels.

“Death By Defenestration” is NOT the title of this novel. But I figure it’s the title for something. I rather like this. I need to find a way of using it for something other than the title of today’s post!


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  1. Nerine Dorman on

    I have displayed an inordinate fondness of killing people in my novels as well. Methinks it’s related to latent homicidal tendencies and flights of fantasy involving defenestration of advertising sales representatives from the 3rd-floor window of where I work during the day. Failing that, I sometimes imagine hurling myself from that very same window.

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