Geeks Who Play Together, Stay Together

My husband and I are, this year, celebrating twenty years of being together. As I was twenty when I met him, it means that after this year I will have spent more of my life with him than without him. Quite a thought.

We met over the gaming table, playing Dungeons & Dragons. This is a hobby that still plays a big part in our lives. Our dining room is more often used for gaming than dining. The book shelves are full of modules and rules systems for various RPG games. At least once a month, various people come and sit around the table with character sheets, multi-sided dice, and snacks. Oh yes. The snacks are important. There is something about playing D&D that makes one want to consume vast quantities of junk food. This is probably the reason why there aren’t too many svelte gaming geeks around.

For those of you for whom this is an unfamiliar world, check out the film “Dorkness Rising”. This independent feature-length film is a highly entertaining and spookily accurate insight into the geeky world of table top role-playing. And it demonstrates very clearly that it’s not just for nerdy boys anymore.

Here’s the trailer:


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