Musings on Zombies

“The Walking Dead” has been serialised on British TV since early November (no doubt it was ages ago in America – we’re a bit behind on our US TV shows), but we’ve been recording it, and only got the opportunity to watch the first episode recently.

And I have to say I am enjoying it. I do like a good old-fashioned zombie bash. “The Walking Dead” is particularly good as a zombie movie. It has well-drawn, sympathetic characters, good production, exceptional attention to detail with regard to set dressing, and most importantly, it conforms to the expectations of zombie fans. The zombies move slowly, they don’t speak, they have generous amounts of rotting flesh falling off bones, thus reminding us that zombies are, literally, walking corpses (kudos to the special effects in this regard), and they can be taken out by a bullet to the brain.

When you are an imaginative geek, you do find yourself wondering, every once in a while, what would happen if the world really was gripped by a plague that turned people in flesh-eating zombies. It’s rather like time travel – intellectually you know it’s not possible but you wonder nonetheless. At times like these, I reassure myself that all those hours wasted playing “Resident Evil 4” are actually hours well spent after all. If a zombie attack happened for real, at least I would have a fighting chance of knowing how to defeat them…

In the meantime, though, I look forward to the next episode of “The Walking Dead”. The series has started well, and I hope it continues in the same vein. But if you’ve already seen it – no spoilers, please!


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