On Not Being “Trendy”

As someone who’s spent her whole life “not fitting in”, I am suspicious of anything referring to itself as a “Trend”. There’s something on Twitter called “Trends”, which seems to refer to whatever the popular topics of the day are. I wish they wouldn’t call them “Trends”.

The mere word is off-putting. “Trends” are about everyone else being into something that just doesn’t interest me. “Trends” mean whatever I want won’t be available. My favourite TV shows get cancelled because of poor ratings, while more money is poured into rubbish reality shows because that’s what everyone else watches. I go on holiday in December and can’t buy sun cream or summer tops because everyone else goes on holiday in August and there’s no demand for these things when I want them. And I shall probably never be a best-selling writer, because I do not write in the genres that everyone else seems to like reading.

Going with the majority opinion is the cornerstone of democracy. And I’m not actually complaining about this – this is the fairest way. But in a vote of popular opinion, I will always be in the minority.

I have accepted the fact that this is the way life is. I am quite happy in my own un-trendy world. The population here is small, but select.

But can’t we find some other word for that Twitter thing than “Trends”?


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  1. dad on

    of course youwill become a best selling writer. Tink positive

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