The Advantage of Lazy Cats

I encountered an upsetting sight on my way to the sports centre for my Sunday morning swim this morning. There was a dead cat lying by the road. I actually recognised the cat – I have seen it dashing across that road quite often. I guess it used up all of its nine lives doing so.

My lazy cats

When I got home I sought out my cats, to find them curled up asleep on the bed – which is where they had been when I left them. I took this picture of them. I guess there’s an advantage to having fat lazy cats who sleep all day and show little inclination to venture outside – they are less likely to get run over.

I don’t know who the unfortunate cat belongs to, but some family’s going to be very upset when they find out what happened to their pet. Urban roads are hazardous places for family pets. I am quite glad my cats prefer the indoors.


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  1. ralfast on

    Cats should remain indoors.

  2. sungyim on

    Poor kitty. Some cats really don’t belong outdoors.

    On another, deeper level beyond the world of reality, I feel that no animal should be kept indoors, as a pet. Obviously, this is overshadowed by the fact that we’ve domesticated animals over thousands of years to the point of them needing us for survival.

    But all that aside, people should really keep their pets fenced in when without supervision for safety reasons.

  3. Charlotte Jane Ivory on

    Hi Sara-Jayne,
    After the death on the road of two cats, my husband and I decided that our cats would be indoors cats. We got two kittens (to keep each other company when alone), and only allow them to go outside when we’re at home and in the garden with them. It can be tough – they often want to go outside more often than we do! – but they are healthy, happy cats and we don’t have to face the prospect of another terrible discovery.
    I’m not sure if it’s the same for people who also have children, but we have no children so our cats ARE our kids! We’re just glad to know our babies are safe.

    • sayssara on

      Hi Charlotte, thanks for commenting. Glad to hear your cats are safe and happy.

  4. Holly Ruggiero on

    That’s heartbreaking. It’s so cute your kitties were I the exact same place you left them when you got home!

    • sayssara on

      Hello Holly – thanks for reading the blog!

      Often I get home from work at 6:30pm to find the kitties in the same place they were when I left the house at 7:15am!

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