Sales Figures

I get the impression that in the publishing world, discussing the amounts of royalties a writer receives is Not Done – it’s a big a breach of etiquette as discussing someone’s salary.

In some ways, though, it’s hard to get an accurate view of what “normal” sales are for a new and lowly author. In a world where the unenlightened hear the worlds “published author”, think of JK Rowlings and assume you’re making a killing from your writing, the reality of modest sales can be very depressing.

So, in this spirit, I have decided to declare my sales figures here. In 2010, I sold a total of 73 copies of SUFFER THE CHILDREN. Twenty-four of those were bought in April – the month the e-book was released – by people that know me. A further 26 were copies of the e-book on CD – mostly bought by people who know me, but a few were bought by people who did not, at the London Film & Comic Con in July.

So, that means a maximum of 23 copies were bought by people who might have come across one of my guest posts, or found my blog, and decided they liked the sound of my e-book.

Lyrical Press have recently released sales figures for their top-selling e-books of 2010 – no titles, just genres. The e-books that are selling into the four digits are all erotica. The top-selling e-book, selling more than 9000 copies in 2010, is a BDSM erotica e-book.

If this is your genre, then kudos to you – you’re on to a winner. My paltry 73 sales look rather pathetic in comparison.

Notoriety as an author does not happen overnight – the e-book’s been out for less than a year. And nobody has the power to wave a magic wand and turn me into a best-selling author immediately. It’s sometimes very discouraging to keep on hammering at the promotion when tangible results are not evident. But the only solution seems to be to keep at it. Without it, some of those extra 23 sales last year might not have happened. Maybe this is the way it has to be. I am at the bottom of a very long ladder. One tiny step at a time is the way to go.

So saying, I have two more guest blog posts lined up this month. I better go and get on with them.

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