Coming Soon – DEATH SCENE

My forthcoming amateur sleuth novel, DEATH SCENE, is now listed on Lyrical Press’s “Coming Soon” pages.  For some reason this makes me absurdly excited – somehow I don’t quite believe it’s going to happen until I see my novel listed there.

I have to admit I’ve been cyber-stalking Lyrical’s website for months, waiting for DEATH SCENE to appear there.  And now it is, I am more than just an author with a book out.  Having two books on my Lyrical Press web page makes it all feel more official, somehow.

I’ve also got a release date – 4 July – although I have been forewarned that these can and do change due to changes in scheduled.

Still, this is all very exciting.  DEATH SCENE is officially “coming soon”.  Yay!

Time to start planning the promotion…

1 comment so far

  1. carole tyrrell on

    Congrats Sara! You’ve giving me new impetus to get my novel finished….
    Carole xx

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