Back In Business: WIP Progress Report

Since completing the first draft of Book 2 of the amateur sleuth series a few weeks ago, I have turned my attention to my other work in progress – the horrible mess that is meant to be my urban fantasy. Well, I’ve tagged it urban fantasy. But since there is no longer any mention of sexy vampires – just trolls, demons and a variety of deities – I’m more inclined to refer to it these days as supernatural crime (I maintain there is a difference).

The history of this WIP is as follows: I finished Draft 1, with much pride. I started on Draft 2. I presented the first three chapters of Draft 2 to the writing group. They tore it to shreds. I abandoned Draft 2 and shoved the sorry mess into a drawer for months. Some time last year, with some new ideas, I hauled it out again and began Draft 3. A few months after that it ground to a halt again and I aborted Draft 3 and shoved it into a drawer again.

Having pledged this year to get the damn thing into a presentable state, I’ve re-visited it of late and done extensive work on world building, which is where part of my troubles lay – I hadn’t given enough thought to how my world works.

I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now, and at this morning’s early-morning writing session I felt brave enough to make a start on Chapter 1 of the new draft. I am calling the new draft 3.5. Technically it’s Draft 4, but since neither Draft 2 nor Draft 3 were ever finished, I don’t feel they were ever ‘proper’ drafts.

I still have to work out my chapter-by-chapter breakdown, something I don’t feel I can progress much further without. But I had some ideas about Chapter 1, so I thought I would start writing and see what happened. I was quite pleased with the results.

It remains to be seen whether I can salvage anything from the previous drafts, or whether I’m going to have to rebuild from the ground up and write the new draft completely from scratch. I suspect the latter, but that’s quite a daunting prospect. I managed just under 700 words this morning. I don’t want to think about how many more words there are to go.

But, my supernatural sleuth is back in business and I feel good about that. It was a good way to start a Friday.


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