Dark Scribe Magazine Reviews “Suffer the Children”

Here is the link to the latest review of STC, from online horror mag Dark Scribe.

I’m firstly very impressed the review comes from Rick R. Reed, himself a many-times-published and well known horror writer. I’m also impressed that he’s recommending it.

As far as reviews go, it’s not completely glowing, as he does point out some places where he feels there is room for improvement. He feels that the story is somewhat sluggish in getting started. Well, maybe he’s got a point. Others have made the same comment.

However, he does also say the book would have benefitted from a good editor, and I would contest, on that point, that I have one!

In any case, I’m not actually complaining because balanced reviews are the best kind. I am always suspicious of any book on Amazon that lists nothing but dozens of five-star reviews without any word of criticism from anyone – makes me think the author’s bribed his or her mates to post loads of reviews.

So this review’s going up on the website with all the others, and I am very grateful that Mr Reed took the time to read it and offer an opinion.


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  1. Savannah Chase on

    Congrats on getting a review from him….It is something great…

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