Monday’s Friend: Rafael Pinero

Today I would like to welcome Rafael Pinero, writer of speculative fiction (sci fi and urban fantasy) to the blog as this week’s Monday’s Friend.

Chopping Up Genres to Bits
By Rafael Pinero

The other day I stumbled upon a new (to me) sub-genre: science fiction romance. It left me a tad confused. Was it romance with a science fiction theme or as the author helpfully explained a sci-fi story centered on a romantic relationship with a happy ending?

But why not simply call it science fiction? I mean science fiction already has a number of sub-genres such as : military sci-fi, space opera, steampunk, cyberpunk and the like. Which got me to thinking about the plethora of sub genres just in speculative fiction alone. Do we need to tack on -punk to everything or -romance or add dark- on every back cover?

I can understand the author’s need to define their work as best they can while agents/publishers look for new markets to exploit. But what about consumers? Either they already know what they like or they will ignore the branding all together. They only long term effect I see for this trend is that it will further pigeonhole new writers into narrower strips of the bookstore shelf or the most obscure corners of the internet.

So the question to you gentle reader, is this a good thing or a bad thing and why?

To find out more about Rafael and his writing, check out his blog, Neither Here Nor There.


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  1. […] in book, film, radio and games. I do share the concerns of the author quoted in the piece about the excessive fragmentation of sci-fi into sub-genres. It is one of the reasons why I like to use speculative fiction as an umbrella term for not only […]

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