An Unusual Diversion

Yesterday’s meeting of the T Party Writers’ Group was interrupted partway through when a procession of naked cyclists went by.

This was apparently part of the the World Naked Bike Ride, an organised event to protest about oil dependency and car culture. Whatever the politics, it made for quite an entertaining diversion, and we had to put the meeting on hold for ten minutes or so while we all watched out the window at hundreds of naked cyclists pedalling down The Strand.

Most of the cyclists were wearing nothing but shoes and back packs – which must have chafed a bit, I thought. Some of them were riding ‘Boris Bikes’ – the new transport scheme initiated by London mayor Boris Johnson, where bicycles have been placed around London for public use by anyone who wants to sign up for the scheme. I rather hope that the naked cyclists were going to wash off the seats before they put these bikes back for someone else to use…

Several bemused tourists looked on as the naked cyclists went by, and I think that those in the open-topped London tourist bus felt they got their money’s worth.

Most entertaining, though, were the two chaps who put down their bicycles and paused by the Royal Courts of Justice, which is right opposite the pub where the T Party meet. They were there several minutes posing and taking pictures of each other. As neither of them were wearing a stitch of clothing, we all got an eyeful.

Eventually I gave up trying to call the meeting back to order until all the cyclists had passed by. There are some things you just can’t compete with.


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  1. Sonya on

    Sounds like you need to start taking a camera to your T Party meetings! 🙂

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