Latest Report From the Publicity Tart

Two new promotional activities to report this week.

Firstly, I am the guest on Rebecca Rose’s “Talkin’ Tuesday” Blog Spot, talking about The T Party, juggling the day job with the writing and why people find me a bit scary. See the link here for the full interview.

Second, I am being interviewed by Page Readers blog radio later on today, where I will be talking about my forthcoming release DEATH SCENE. This is at 8pm London time. Clicking on the link will tell you what time it’s on in your time zone. If you can’t listen live, it will be recorded, so you could always pick it up later in the week!

I am currently suffering a rotten cold, so a radio interview should be interesting, at the very least. Still, perhaps I can get away with a croaky voice that sounds sexy as opposed to just sick…

1 comment so far

  1. Anne E. Johnson on

    Congrats on the publicity spots! Bummer about the cold. You could put on eccentric mannerisms to match your croaky voice. Your public will love it. Good luck!

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