DEATH SCENE Release Day!

Happy release day to me!

DEATH SCENE is released today, and it’s virtual champagne all around. And you can drink as much as you want, because it has no calories. It also has no inebriating effects.

Thank you for stopping by my ‘virtual launch party’. I said there will be prizes on offer, and indeed there are. There are two give-aways here on the blog today.

a) a free copy of DEATH SCENE the e-book, emailed to the lucky winner in whichever format s/he prefers.

b) a limited-edition mouse mat, which features not only the DEATH SCENE cover but SUFFER THE CHILDREN’s as well. Who knows – if I ever get to be famous, maybe one day it’ll be worth something. This will be posted by snail mail to the lucky winner. I might even be able to sign it for you first.

In order to be in with a chance at winning one of these two prizes, all you need to do is answer this question:

In what Canadian city does my amateur sleuth Shara Summers reside at the beginning of DEATH SCENE?

Don’t put your answer in a comment on the blog – that will give everyone that comes after you an unfair advantage! Instead, email your answer to me at the followign email address, replacing the words in brackets with the indicated punctuation mark:
Make sure your own email address is included.

All correct answers received by midnight (British Summer Time) tonight will go into the draw, and the winners will be notified tomorrow.

If you want to be in with an extra chance of winning, go on over to the Facebook group and enter the contest over there, too. There’s nothing to stop anyone entering both!

I will be hanging out on the blog all day, so if you want to post a comment to let me know you’ve entered the contest, feel free!

DEATH SCENE is now available to buy in all e-bok formats from Lyrical Press.  If you have a Kindle you can buy it in North America from Amazon US and in the UK from Amazon UK.

I am very excited. Now I’m going to go for some of that virtual champagne. Cheers!


3 comments so far

  1. Stuart on

    Hi Sara-Jayne, good luck with the book launch of Death Scene. I’ve emailed my entry to the competion. Best wishes, Stuart

  2. Carolyn Arnold on

    Congratulations on Death Scene, and best of success to you!

    • sayssara on

      Thanks very much to all who stopped by, and special thanks to those who entered the contest.

      Winners have now been contacted! See the ‘Launch Party’ page on the blog for more info on who the lucky winners are…

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