…And Another Publicity Update

The publicity train for DEATH SCENE continues to roll.

The virtual blog party was a big success – thanks to all who stopped by, and congratulations to the prize winners: Gary, Jim, Carole and Stuart. In hindsight I’m glad I took the day off work on Monday – I would not have been able to waste nearly as much time on the Internet had I been at work.

I used my Wednesday slot over at WriteClub this week to plug DEATH SCENE further. I decided not to subject you to it here, but if you haven’t yet OD’d on DEATH SCENE promos, click here.

The ‘real space’ launch party is next Wednesday – the 13th – at The George pub in The Strand. if you can get to London on Wednesday evening, I’d be glad to see you there.

And on Thursday 14th, I’m on Blog Talk Radio again, this time on Edin Road Radio. This is at 6:30pm East Coast Time, which is 11:30pm London time. If this is past your bedtime, you can listen to the recording on the site later on. Here’s the Edin Road Radio link.

All of this activity is not leaving much time for writing, but I’m still working on the second Shara book. So if you like her first adventure, don’t fear – there will be others….


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  1. Andrea C on

    Hey SJT (sorry I was thinking “why should Sara Jessica Parker be the only one SJ-insert-last-intial-here getting all the acronym lovin” LOL) at any rate, I purcheezed Death Scene, wish I could buy a ticket over to the REAL launch party on the 13th, alas…but hearty congrats on Shara’s debut, I’m loving it and keep ’em coming 🙂

    Andrea in Canada

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