Monday’s Friend: Melisse Aires

Today I am pleased to welcome writer Melisse Aires to my blog, who presents her case as to why we should read steampunk romance.

Top Ten Reasons To Try Steampunk Romance
By Melisse Aires

1 Victorian clothes are so cool.

2 It is the only genre that might pair a governess with a space captain.

3 You are a secret Browncoat.

4 The Mad Scientist might be the nerdy but hawt hero.

5 Robots and flying machines abound.

6 Fine hand-embroidered undergarments add a nice touch to love scenes.

7 Your Gallant Hero might pack a laser gun.

8 You enjoy grand adventure in your romance.

From “Back To the Future Part III” by Unversal Pictures

9 You secretly desired Dr. Emmet and Clara Brown’s Hovertrain in Back to the Future III

10 A Lady can be resourceful and use her parasol, laser or hatpin in sticky situations.

I hope you will give it a whirl. My Steampunk/spacewestern releases November 1st!

The First in the Starlander Frontier series:

Starlander’s Myth
from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Rangy, handsome Jack Starlander: His plan to live as an isolated asteroid miner is foiled by widow ladies. Story includes a gyphon shifter heroine, slavers, a shoot out, widows, small and illegal children, a strange space beast and hot steamy love! Also, bustles and corsets!

Please check my blog for upcoming steampunk fun!

Melisse Aires


5 comments so far

  1. Marva Dasef on

    Good list, Melisse! I’m getting into reading steampunk lately. Maybe might try writing it someday too.

    You book sounds like it’s got a little everything. Asteroids, shifters, slavers, bustles. Are the slavers wearing the corsets? That could get kinky.

    • Melisse Aires (@Melisse_Aires) on

      Haha, slavers in corsets? No–but I think you might have a plot bunny for your own steampunk story! You should go for it!

  2. Melisse Aires (@Melisse_Aires) on

    Thanks for having me here, Sara Jayne.

  3. Heather Massey on

    Dibs on the hovertrain!!!

    Fun post and I’m really looking forward to Starlander’s Myth!

  4. Pauline B Jones on

    ooh, loved the hover train and death by parasol? too fun! love the steampunk! congrats on the upcoming release!

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