Monday’s Friend: Mary Ann Loesch

I’m pleased to welcome Mary Ann Loesch, newcomer to the Lyrical family, to the blog today.

Location, Location, Location! Just How Important Is It in A Novel?
By Mary Ann Loesch

I’m so happy to be blogging on Sara’s site today! It’s such a cool place to begin with, and I can’t wait to read her book, Death Scene. The cover alone is enticing and appeals to my geeky theatre nature! Of course, that just goes to show how important a visual image can be and brings me to what I want to discuss today: the importance of location in a novel.

I’m a Texas girl. Nope. I don’t have a cowboy hat or boots (they hurt my feet, actually), but I do have a bit of twang. I like to think I’m more urban than country which is why I love the city of Austin! Of all the great cities in my state, I think Austin is the one that could be called the melting pot. Our city motto is “Keep Austin Weird” and with the many sights and sounds this place has to offer, I think weirdness is achieved on a daily basis. We’ve got bats downtown that have become a major tourist attraction and a thriving arts district. Two of the biggest music and multimedia festivals in the world, SxSW and Austin City Limits Festival, call us their home base. The University of Texas beckons to thousands of new students every year. And then of course, there’s Sixth Street…

Considering my love of Austin, it only makes sense that my urban fantasy, NEPHILIM, would be set here. What better place for Nathan Ink, an angel living on earth as a tattoo artist, to set up his shop called Hell’s Leak? Located on infamous Sixth Street, Hell’s Leak can only be seen by those sinful enough to be drawn to it. The thieves, the murderers, the sorority girls with big hair—if they are bad enough, Nathan will hear their sin and lure them into his shop. Of course, once inside, they have no choice but to sit in Nathan’s chair and receive a special tattoo that will show them the error of their ways. See, Nathan doesn’t just tattoo your skin. He brands your soul…

Of course, there is much more to the novel, NEPHILIM, and I hope you’ll take the time to check it out. I’ve included the book synopsis below. Maybe you’ll even fall in love with my city and come for a visit. Lots of people do! Interested in getting a tattoo? This is the place to come!

Just be careful about which tattoo shop you go into!

If you want to learn more about me, check out my website at

Nephilim Blurb
When sin stains your soul, he tattoos your skin…

Tattoo artist Nathan Ink is more than he seems. An angel living in secret on earth, he forces his clients to face their flaws by tattooing images of their sins on their bodies, but this glimpse into the soul often results in his clients’ deaths. Although Nathan avoids the other angels, when they ask him to keep an eye on Faye, a nephilim being stalked by another of her kind, he reluctantly agrees.

The angels have kept Faye in the dark about her stalker, but to keep her close to Nathan, they’ve tasked her with investigating the high mortality rate of Nathan’s clients. Despite her distaste for his methods, she finds herself fighting a growing attraction to Nathan, and discovering he’s not a rogue after all forces her to question her own mission. When Faye learns her stalker is another nephilim who intends to use her to breed a new race of hellish beings, teaming up with Nathan may be the only way to prevent a genocide.

Contains strong language and violence.


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